Lab management software for managing patient record. Adeep laboratory software can help you to store patient data digitally, get sample label, select patient test, make invoice, report automation ect. Adeep Lab Management Softwares are Laboratory Information System | Laboratory Breakdown Management | Laboratory Management System | Forensic Laboratory Management System. Our lab management software have benefits like Affordable for small to large laboratory, Available globally with cloud based technology, No need to maintain the application, Laboratory software customization available, No need to pay huge amount to get your own application, User account secure with brute force protection, One click invoice, One click report generate, Laboratory equipment integration available, Report by excel sheet integration available, Make customized report, Make customized invoice, For forensic laboratory we provide patient fingerprint storage, Store patient digital signature, Search patient by fingerprint, Payment gateway integration, Personal android application for patient and doctors, Patient RFID card, UHF RFID tracking in laboratory, Employees fingerprint login, Employees RFID attendance, RFID Cold Storage Tracking, Live employees location tracking in laboratory, 100% customization available, Free demo available, Free trial version available.