UV stands for ultraviolet light whose wavelength varies from 10 nm to 400 nm. The UV light bulbs emit electromagnetic radiation which can damage DNA and causes serious harm to human skin including skin cancer.

Where to use UV bulbs?

UV bulbs are used to kill living cells like viruses and bacteria. We use UV bulbs in warehouse cleaning, food processing, packaging, etc. In short, it is used in every place where you need to clean stuff without any chemicals. Sounds exciting? Well, it’s not as good as it looks.

UV Bulbs

Can UV light kill the coronavirus?

It can kill COVID-19, other bacteria, and viruses but it’s not magic-it’s all science. Specific environmental conditions need to be met to make it work. Also, it can take up to 30 mins to start working practically.

Why aren’t UV bulbs market-friendly?

Well UV take upto 30 min to kills bacteria/virus that also depends surface to surface. Also UV required a closed environment with reflectors to works best. And it cannot penetrate object easily so light need to contact with surface directly. Because of it’s cost and environment conditions it’s very hard and expensive solution.

Why UV isn’t a sanitizer?

Many people think we can use it to sanitize hands and other body parts. Well, never try that. As we pointed out earlier, UV bulbs can kill living cells that includes good cells as well. Also, being prone to UV radiation everyday can damage your genetic structure leading to cancer.

Fake UV bulbs/lamps in the market.

You will find many Chinese products claiming to be a UV sanitizer. Connect them with your mobile or any other small power source then just use that to sensitize your daily use item within seconds. That is in fact completely fake. UV does not work this way. It requires a specific time and environment to kill bacterias. This is not so simple and is definitely not a piece of sorcery as it is made to seem.

UV hand sanitizer

Why doesn’t the Indian Railway use advanced technology like UV radiation for sanitation?

Indian railway designed a robot to disinfect rails in just a few minutes. It was a remote control car having UV bulbs attached to it. It garnered headlines for being a major breakthrough in the field of sanitation. Sadly, that was a fake product too and even if it had real UV bulbs, the operators would have been at risk of developing fatal diseases including skin cancer.
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How Indians choose money over life?

Everyone knows how China always tries to get a hold over Indian territories and our Indian brothers and sister empower these Chinese by selling their products and call It business. But we are surprised that they even sell fake Chinese products which are very harmful. Our WhatsApp message boxes are filled with information about Chinese UV bulbs and other stuff which are definitely not worth the money. These guys are not only selling fake Chinese products at the time when people are scared of corona but are in a way supporting China’s agenda of attacking us from every possible aspect. They are cashing on the adversities faced by Indian citizens.

Where to buy a UV light and real UV sanitizer box?

Adeep My IT Solution Private Limited introduces a UV sanitizer box with variant sizes according to usage. This product is completely developed in India and does not contain any Chinese items.

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