How to make an app like TikTok? One that in true sense is an Indian social media app. Mitron, Indian TikTok, and lot more apps garnered interest following the ‘boycott China’ notion but clearly none of them really match the level of TikTok. Well, it’s because the question is wrong. The question should be who can make an app like TikTok rather than how to make it. But before we delve deeper into it let’s have a look at where we lack when it’s about social media even after being the 2nd largest population and an overwhelming number of social media users. There is not a single social media app that can match the level of TikTok, Snapchat, or others. Let’s understand the problem.

How to make social media platform ?

It’s very simple you just need some cluster of programs that are available at a very lower cost in the market.

What is development cost for a simple social media app like TikTok?

Well, you will be surprised to know that you can have your own app in less than 100$, and not only that, the famous app Mitron was purchased in 40$ from an online apps store Envato. But that’s for a simple app, in a real sense, there’s no cap on the spending limit. The more you invest the better it becomes.

What will be the cost of maintenance of an app like tiktok ?

App maintenance includes the server cost, content cost, marketing cost, bugs fixing, feature development, etc. We will focus on server costing because other costs can be anything that depends on your budget. But you will definitely have to pay server charges.
Server cost: This cost depends on various factors but let’s keep it simple. The most cost-effective and quality solution available in the market is google which is in fact the best option available for any startup with performance and money. So as per google your monthly expense for 10 million users would be around 3000$ or 226663 rupees. This is for common apps I can say with experience that it would be twice for social media apps.

How will we earn from an app like tiktok, Facebook, Instagram ?

Well, it’s the most important thing. Social media apps are freely available to users. Sounds amazing, right? But wait, only the app service is free not the app itself. The company has to spend millions of dollars to run the app. So how do they earn? It is a big fish that requires patience. Firstly, every social media platform requires a huge number of users to archive data about you when you interact with it. They use highly programmed artificial integument to study about you. Their only focus is you, you, and you! Then they create the actual profile behind the screen. Where they have all your information including the information that you don’t even know about yourself. You may not know what was the message you send last year to your friend or what were you searching for, a year back on the internet but they know it all. Now they have the users and your profiles. Thus they start giving you advertisements as per your profile. From the advertisement they earn money. So they spend billion of dollars in order to earn billion of dollars. In other words, it’s not free!

Why India does not have a social media platform?

Many people ask me why we don’t have our own Social Media? Is India not capable enough, don’t we have technical brains? Well, we have CEOs in many global technology companies like google. So next time don’t even think that we don’t have technical expertise. We will be the next global IT country in the future. So why is it so? Well, there are multiple reasons. Let’s discuss some of them. You can also comment and let me know your viewpoints as well. We do have social media platforms but they are not as out-reaching as available in the market. As I said, to make a successful social media app you need billion of dollars. This is the first reason many people think apps are free and maybe you can make an app free of cost but you have to pay the running cost which is very high. If we talk about other operation based apps like Ola, Uber, Zomato, and Swiggy, they are all operation based apps. So if the user is using your app he is paying you through commission or direct business. For example, some apps charge a subscription to maintain the cost. Also, operation based apps have limited time access like you don’t open ola and play car games. Do you know if you simply search your address on Ola, it costs 5-20 paise to the company? So operation based apps are easy to maintain, you earn from the users and pay as they use. If no one is using your app the maintenance cost is minimum. So it requires not only technical expertise but money as well and no small or medium enterprise can spend that amount of money to compete with Facebook. Apart from the money you need creativity, simply using ‘copy-paste’ won’t help in the long run. You can get users when people are boycotting in china but that won’t help when everything will be back to normal, again. Japan and America are best friends now even after America using a nuclear bomb against Japan.

Who can make social media app in India ?

There is only one person as of now who has money, capacity, and passion in the same and his name is Mukesh Ambani (Jio).

Author: akash

Akash Arora have completed his graduation in software engineering from SRM University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu in 2018. Where he learned about developing software, using well-defined, scientific principles and methods.

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