Fingerprint based canteen management system can help you to reduce the usage of plastic and help you to resolve the issue of card theft, issue of carrying a physical card everytime you visit the canteen and many more. This application can handle more the 10k fingerprints with a buffer time of 2-3 seconds. Adeep is aiming to go large scale with this product. This application is best for enterprises who provide food and catering services at various organisations and institutions and other bodies who want to use the biometrics instead of plastic cards which destry our environment also can be misused in multiple ways. Where fingerprint cannot be misused by anyway also you don’t need to carry it. It’s always with you. 


Author: akash

Akash Arora have completed his graduation in software engineering from SRM University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu in 2018. Where he learned about developing software, using well-defined, scientific principles and methods.

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