Smart RFID Refrigerator helps you  track your cold storage with a unique radio identification number. Adeep provides hardware and software for your refrigerator that collects realtime storage data on cloud server. This will help you get an auto-maintenance and efficient inventory.

RFID stands for radio frequency identification. RFID principle is based on radio waves. We have two major components here, RFID tag and RFID reader. These components have some sort of frequency when they match reader read the data from the tag. RFID tags have chip called RFID chip where they store the identity of the item. RFID scanner has a tendency to extract the data from the RFID chip via radio waves. To learn more click here.

RFID Refrigerator Applications

  1. RFID Laboratory Assets Tracking: For a large organization with multiple operational locations, it’s hard to track all the laboratory items with expiry manually. This is how RFID Refrigerator can help you.
    • Alert notification if any item is mission from the refrigerator.
    • Alert notification if any item is going to finish.
    • Alert notification if any item is going to expire.
    • Realtime inventory data on your mobile.
  2. RFID Blood Bank Tracking: A large blood bank needs to manage their blood records very precisely. They need to count the blood bags regularly, check the quality of the blood to draw surity of the inventory storage. With this application you will be able to track everything on your computer screen.
    • Live inventory records tracking.
    • Alert if any item is missing.
    • No need to count bags and let their quality effect.
    • Easy to find blood from any location.
  3. RFID Cold Vegetable storage:  You can track thousands of cold vegetable storage with one single application on your computer and mobile.
    • Manage thousands of storage at one place.
    • Item missing alert.
    • Item expiry alert.
    • Inventory live data update.
    • Automate management.

Watch Smart RFID Refrigerator Sample Video

Author: akash

Akash Arora have completed his graduation in software engineering from SRM University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu in 2018. Where he learned about developing software, using well-defined, scientific principles and methods.

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